Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two Patients

Submitted by Laura on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 4:07pm

Our house now has two patients!  Joe has a lacerated tendon in his hand after a small accident on his weekend camping trip.  We go see the hand specialist tomorrow, but I think he's going to be good as new in a few weeks.  His left hand won't be useable for a good 6 weeks - but should be back to normal after some physical therapy.
Suddenly, our roles were slightly reversed this weekend.  For once, he needed ME to help him get better.  It's usually the other way around!  I got him his antibiotics and ibuprofen, took his temperature, made him hot cider, unwrapped the wound and checked his stitches, looked at his tetnus shot area, helped setup his dinner/eating/sleeping situation (keeping the arm elevated), called the doctor to make his appt. and of course gave him many smiles and "you'll be fine" speeches.  He's pretty much over the initial shock of it all, I think, and now he's falling into a groove figuring out how to do things one handed (putting on socks was a big accomplishment!).  However, all of those things I did are a drop in the bucket compared to what he does for me on a daily basis.
I knew he was feeling better when we went to bed and he was able to joke, "Is this the sick and disabled bed???".  YOU BET IT IS!  Now, instead of 2 dogs between us when we're sleeping, I have a stack of pillows AND 2 dogs.  I don't know how we all fit in a queen bed sometimes.

Oh, kudos to my Mom for also coming to help out by walking the dogs, cooking meals, cleaning up the garden in prep for winter, doing my hand therapy and other misc. tasks to help us out.

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