Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is it Adrenaline?

Submitted by Laura on Sun, 03/25/2012 - 11:18pm

I think it's amazing what our body can do in response to trying situations.  For example, I'm sure we've all heard of stories about adrenaline kicking in to get yourself or somebody out of a dangerous situation.
I've been amazed at my body's response these past few weeks to give me just the right amount of drive and energy to take care of myself and Joe.  Usually, I rely on Joe to make dinner, wash my tubes, walk the dogs, prepare my feedings, feed the dogs, go grocery shopping, and clean up after dinner (I know, he's AWESOME).  Joe's Mom has been ill and he has been spending many weeknights at his parent's house taking care of her and recently, been spending almost all day at the hospital making sure she's getting the care she needs.  I was hoping and wishing that I would be able to step up and take care of him during this difficult time, but I really wasn't sure how my body would respond.
Like I said before, it's amazing how mind over matter can sometimes get you through the things you need to get done before you just crash.  While I haven't done all of the things listed above every day (thanks to my Mom for pitching in too), I have done a LOT MORE than I usually do.  I cleaned the bathrooms, made dinner many times this week, did laundry, kept up with all my treatments, washed my tubes, kept the kitchen clean, picked up the house, picked up food for the family and delivered it to the hospital, went grocery shopping today, walked the dogs many times this week (thank you nice weather), kept up with Joe's mail/bills, and exercised.

I am shocked at myself - I've felt really good these past 2 weeks and I am hoping it lasts.  I do tend to crash at night, but at least I've gotten through the day.  I am happy my body is allowing me to give back to Joe all the things he has given to me.  I love him with all my heart and I hope I can be the rock for him, like he has been to me.  Please pray for Joe's Mom and family and pray that I can keep my strength to help my best friend get through this hard time.   XO.

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