Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post Transplant: 2 Month Lung-aversary!

Submitted by Laura on Mon, 02/11/2013 - 11:15am

Wow, has it been a whole month since I've blogged??  Sorry, everyone!  Let me fill you in.  After the last blog, I was released from the hospital on 1/16.  I went home for 2 days and on my check up appointment 2 days later, I was experiencing pretty severe shortness of breath at home, and on 1/18, I was re-admitted to the hospital with Acute Rejection (which can be cured by receiving very high doses of steroids) and Humoral Rejection, which is kind of rare.  Humoral Rejection means that I received antigens from my donor lungs which prompted my immune system to create antibodies to attack my new lungs, since they were foreign in my body.  To cure this, I had to receive a central line in my neck and go through a process called plasmaphoresis.  Basically, they hook me up to a huge machine that filters the plasma out of my blood and it's replaced by clean albumin.  This process is done every other day or every 2 days.  I had 6 sessions, plus 2 other injections that help fight the rejection.

 I was in the hospital for this process for another month and discharged last weekend.  I was in the MICU, which are very small, dark rooms for a whole month.  I didn't go on the computer, I hated watching TV, I was very down...this is why you guys didn't see a blog - I just was so stir-crazy I couldn't stand it!!!!!  Joe came down every day after work, even just to see me for 2 hours - such a good husband, I can't even express what a support he's been.  Selina came down a few times, which was a joy.  No one else could visit b/c they were all sick!  But, I actually didn't want anyone to visit, I was just so down.  It was one of the hardest 2 weeks of my life.  I had so many set backs, I just felt like I couldn't take 1 more!
Well, finally I was discharged last Saturday.  The first couple days home was very hard, trying to acclimate to my medicine/health schedule. I take upwards of 70 pills a day, I still have my picc line and I infuse 1 IV antibiotic at home. Last week, I went to the hospital 3 times for more outpatient plasmaphoresis and some other injections.  They pulled out my neck line on Friday, thank goodness.  First shower in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!  It felt sooooo good!!!!  This week, I have 2 doctors appointments.  I feel like my biggest success is since I was hospitalized my lung function continues to go up, so my lungs are looking great in that respect.  I am focusing now on staying active at home and sticking to my tight schedule.  Some accomplishments include: cooking dinner, baking muffins, going on my first small outing without oxygen, eating way better.  I continue to look forward to do more and do my treadmill longer!
I am finally getting a taste of normalcy and I am loving it.  After all I've been through, it sort of already feels in my distant past.  I can't really remember the pain and suffering - it kind of just dissipates - I can think about it happening to me, but I can't FEEL it anymore, if that makes any sense?  I see why people can go through 2nd transplants!!!
So that's the latest on me.  I am looking good, I just have a little bit of chipmunk face from the steroids, but it's kind of cute, I suppose.  
I've already become excited again for online shopping (eek), so I think that fact screams "I'm better!"  Excited for life again.....

Laura XO

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