Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post Transplant: Saturday, 12/22 and I'm Feeling GOOOOOOOD!

Submitted by Laura on Sat, 12/22/2012 - 10:15am

Hey everyone!  I had a great day yesterday....you all know there is no infection and no rejection....yes!!!!!...but I made even more strides.
I got ALL of my chest tubes removed yesterday about Noon!  It is SO FREEING!  I then got moved to 5th floor tower, which is out of ICU! It is like a hotel up here, they are new rooms and OH so nice!  If I have to be here a while, this is where I want to be, for sure.  Nurses again up here are very nice and I trust them.  Of course they have more patient to nurse ratio, so I have to plan a little ahead of time if I think I might need something from the nurse, but when they are here, they're GREAT!
My wonderful friend, Jenni, came by last night and took me on my night walk. We had coffee talk and it was so nice to visit!  Laughing and no coughing has been restored!  I am even wearing my own PJ's now! No hospital attire needed!
I am still in a little pain, but removing those tubes helps A LOT with pain, and the feeling like I'm a normal person in normal clothes, eating....I swallowed my first pill since the surgery!   
I know, it seems silly getting so excited over pill swallowing, but this is a first of many things I need to re learn how to do before I can go home.  Doing each of these things makes me so HAPPY.  I am fully content right now.  My breathing is better, I was able to turn my oxygen down!
I am having a few visitors today (you can visit if you're not sick and you don't bring your kids~) and am super pumped to show my new self off to my friends and family.  I am at peace today....I hope for more postitive things to happen as long as I can keep up my walking, therapy moves, and take naps!  My mind is so clear and content, I literally can't write very well, I notice my train of thought is just whereever today.  Carefree!   I'm in love!   
Joe slept here overnight in my room!  It was so nice waking up to see his face, I've missed that for 12 days now. I miss his face.  I don't think anyone needs to sleep here ongoing....Joe can get his puppies home, I know he misses them =).

Okay well, logging off for now, looking forward to the day.  Love, Laura  xxoo

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