Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Am I Losing My Hearing?

Submitted by Laura on Tue, 08/28/2012 - 11:59pm

So, a few weeks ago I noticed that I have been saying, "What?" to Joe a lot when he says something.  I was sure it was because he mumbles or surprises me while I'm paying attention to something else, but since it was occurring more often and one of the side effects of a drug I take is hearing loss, I wanted to be tested to make sure it was not ME.
I had an appointment with the ENT on Monday and he checked my sinuses, my hearing and my sense of smell.  Good news on the sinus front....I used to have nasal polyps, but since I've been doing the antibiotic nasal wash, the polyps have gone away!!!!!!  Yay!  That means less infection that would be able to travel down into my lungs and it also means NO nasal polyp surgery after transplant would be needed.  What a relief to hear that news!  I didn't realize polyps could go away, but I guess they can.
I did mention to the doctor that I do get a strange smell in my nose, and it's especially strong with detergent and soap and asked if it was a good idea to do a smell test.  He agreed, so I sat in a room with a booklet of 40 scratch 'n sniff multiple choice questions and sniffed my way through!  It was kind of hard sometimes, I was surprised that I was contemplating choosing between Rose and Gasoline!  The results had to be tallied so, on to the hearing test, the real reason I was there.
In my mind I was really trying to prove once and for all that Joe needs to speak louder (I want to win!). I sat in the chair and repeated the words the audiologist would say and raised my hand when I heard the beeps.  Back in the room to see doc and get my results.  The hearing test came back good!  I'm well within the normal range, except for frequency of 3000-4000, which I was 25, instead of under 20 on a 100 point scale, so basically almost normal.  I asked if Joe's voice is within that frequency or something, and NO, that frequency is more about hearing the subtle "f, s, t, p" in words like Pharaoh.  So, I said to the doctor, "So, I win?", and he extends his had for the championship handshake, "You win."  All in good fun, but it's nice to know it's not me!
As for my smell test, he said it was calculated that I have 25% smell loss. I think I would have to argue with that number for 2 reasons: some of those scents on the test were not life-like (grapes and cherries smelled like kool-aid, chocolate didn't smell rich) and I am a great cook/baker so I have to know what stuff tastes like and you need smell in order to taste!!  My argument is I'm used to smelling the real stuff, so the fake scents confused me!!!  Until the day my food tastes like crap when I cook I will argue I have not lost quite 25%. 

In the end, the check-up was great.  Still no news on the transplant front...still number 2 for my blood type.  I just continue what I'm doing and staying positive. XO

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