Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post Transplant: Saturday, Jan 5 - up and down day

Submitted by Laura on Sat, 01/05/2013 - 11:32pm

Today was an interesting day.  Nutrition stopped my all day long g-tube feedings so I could start to gain an appetite and ordered the normal night tube feeds (4 cans over 8 hours).  So, now I have to be better about eating this hospital food, since that is one of the items I need to be able to do before they will discharge me from the hospital. Last night, I didn't sleep very well.  Apparently, the nurse and respiratory therapist noticed I was having labored breathing around midnight (I don't even remember the therapist being here, lol).  I woke up a few more times and the doctor came in here and it was decided to bump my oxygen up to 3 liters and keep up with the Dilaudid IV pain medicine throughout the night.  I also had a 101* fever overnight.  I woke up at 7:30 short of breath as well, but decided to get up and start my day.  The tech came in to test my blood sugar and it was 500 (normal is 90-120)!  We realized there was miscommunication and I never got insulin to match the overnight tube feeds!  I am guessing this may be another reason I was so out of breath and maybe a reason I had a fever.  OOPS.  I didn't have a fever the rest of the day.
Around 8 the liver doctor came in....my liver enzymes have been high and they're not exactly sure why, so they took some blood samples.  It is SLOWLY going down, but they asked a lot of questions about family history with the liver and stuff.  Since I've never had liver issues, they are betting it's one of the drugs I'm on, but they are still trying to figure out which.
Endocrine came in to discuss the OOPS 500 blood sugar and I suggested now that I'm on the regular schedule I would do at home, why don't we just transition back to my insulin pump and let me manage all of that.  Her boss agreed, so I am back on my pump, managing my own insulin, and that is another step towards going home.  I also am doing my own enzymes when I eat, so that's another big change.
The pain was a little better today.  After the last dilaudid I had this morning at 7:30, I didn't take it the rest of the day.  I relied on non-narcotic pain meds and heat pads.  I had some breakthrough pain, but I'm really trying to ween off the IV drug.  I also was experimenting with the different pain meds to see which ones really work and which ones don't, so I was taking them alone and assessing their effect on my pain.
No one visited today, so I skyped with a few friends who cannot visit because they're sick...that was fun!  Pulmonary doctor didn't have much to say, I'm progressing well.  Just walk, walk, walk!  And do my incentive spirometer.

So anyway, I will keep working at it...pray that my little fever was nothing and my liver enzymes continue to decrease....these things will help me get home!!

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