Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to Handle Change In Medical Care?

Submitted by Laura on Tue, 05/08/2012 - 3:48pm

So, I found out today that Dr. Love is leaving the Loyola transplant program in June.  One kicker is that I found out from someone who does not even work at Loyola - it was from a third party.  I would have preferred the program sent out letters as soon as this became common knowledge in order to avoid hearsay. This is a big deal to me - a BIG part of the reason I chose Loyola was because of Dr. Love.  I have had a not so great experience with another pulmonary surgeon before, and so this was really important to me to find someone I felt I could trust.
I feel a little lost now.  I hear he's moving to Milwaukee.  I'm close enough....do I maybe follow him there? Unfortunately, Milwaukee doesn't have a transplant program yet (this is why Dr. Love is probably going there - to start one), so following him isn't really an option, in reality. I know I need to 'interview' and give the other Loyola surgeons a chance, but, I was really counting on Dr. Love.  I'm really overwhelmed by this news today and the manner to which I was informed.
I know this is just another bump in the road.  Maybe I will get transplanted before June comes and then I won't have to worry about meeting the new doctor.  This is just a very scary and fragile time for patients and to hear a member that I trusted will no longer be there, creates a lot of anxiety.

I want to add that while the surgeon is an important part of the journey, the after care is managed by a very competent team that I also trust.  After the initial surgery, you work more with the transplant team. Therefore, it isn't ALL about Dr. Love, but it's an important piece of the pie. What to do, what to do......

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