Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If Only It Were That Easy.....

Submitted by Laura on Sat, 01/28/2012 - 6:33pm

Two nights ago, I had a dream.  In this dream, I was in the hospital waking up from my transplant surgery.  I opened my eyes and immediately took the biggest breath of my life and it felt great.  So great, in fact, that I threw back the covers, hopped out of bed and danced a little jig. Then, I woke up.
If only transplants were that easy....what the dream failed to showcase is the abundance of tubes I am sure I will have coming out of my chest, a breathing tube, a massive incision, and a very weak Laura.  However, I think my dream proved a very important point...I simply cannot focus on those things that aren't so pleasant.  I have to think positive and keep reaching for the day when I get to dance my jig.  

Speaking of dancing, this is one of the activities I miss so much. I cannot wait to get healthy - I think I will join a fitness dance class.  These are the days I wish I were 22 again, so it would be appropriate to go to night clubs to boogie down. It's a good thing my group of friends, whom I celebrate most holidays with, don't mind a good 'house dance party'.  It's hard for me to watch dancing on TV.  Sometimes I get really overwhelmed and I cry because I want to be able to dance to a song that I'm really enjoying or even just dance to make Joe laugh...I miss those days. I miss my old self.  She's still in there, just taking a 'breather'....

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