Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post Transplant: Friday's Update, so far!

Submitted by Laura on Fri, 12/21/2012 - 1:36pm

Hi everyone! Laura here!!!  So good updates for today, your prayers are working.  My pain has been less over the last two days...I am about a 5 in pain and anticipate that it will be way better once I get these 2 last chest tubes removed.
GREAT news this AM, the biopsy came back and I am NOT in rejection!!!!  I am so overly thankful for this news.....to sum it up, no infection and no rejection.  At this point, they are thinking it was such a stressful surgery to my body (3.5 hours to get my right lung out of my body, layer by layer, cemented to my chest wall), that it's just taking longer to heal and for fluids to reabsorb.  They are thinking of pulling the chest tubes and seeing how simple exercise, walking, physical therapy, and good nutrition will help my lungs fully expand.  In a couple weeks, I could go back for a small thoracotomy, where they open a small part of the incision and suck out a little fluid to help me expand....but that isn't until far down the line.
I will be moving out of the ICU probably later today to 5th floor, which is more room space, all redone and has I think 24 hour visiting hours.  Wayyyyyy more comfy.  I don't think I'll be home for Christmas, but that's okay~I'm not even thinking about that.   I am simply thinking about my blessed birthday gift and selfless donor and donor family. I have so much love in my heart for this person (I have another person's lungs!?!?!?  What!?!??!  Wow!).
So, I will continue to push on hard with my exercises.  The more un-sick visitors I get, maybe the more exercise and walks I will go on =).
Thank you for everyone's continued thoughts and love.  I really appreciate you all!!!!!  
Laura XO

Pictures from my first walk, lots of cords!!:

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