Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Crazy Month!

Submitted by Laura on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 5:38pm

It has been a crazy 2 months! I don't even know what I've been doing, but I feel like I've had no time to unwind and relax.  Maybe it was all of the preparations for last weekend's fundraising events or preparing for the holidays, but it's been a whirlwind.  I can't believe it's less than 10 days until Christmas and 3 days until I turn 31!
One thing I learned this weekend is you never know who you will meet and where you will find kindness.  I met a lot of wonderful and giving people this weekend who opened their hearts to my story and didn't hesitate donating to my fund without even really knowing ME.  I know how generous this is considering the hard times a lot of us are experiencing.  I also made some new friends this weekend, just by them swinging by the raffle or stopping to talk to me in the mall.  I was so happy to spend time with my friends this weekend, too - even though we were 'working' - it truly didn't feel like work and I had a lot of fun with everyone.  I truly feel blessed for all of the love around me!
I even got to take in a show this weekend at the Marriott - "White Christmas" - which I've never actually seen on TV before.  Crazy, I know.  One thing I learned from the play that I've been trying to do since Sunday is this: Count my blessings instead of sheep, and I fall asleep counting my blessings.  It has been working wonders on getting to sleep faster and having a more peaceful night's sleep!  Thanks, Bob and Betty!
So, what will I be filling the next 10 days with? Writing cards, a holiday party, a doctor's appointment, cooking and possibly some baking!  I'm not hosting any parties this year, but I am sure I will be summoned to make something for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Even if I'm not summoned - I will be sure to make my favorite Christmas cookie - Pepparkakar!  Yummy!

Merry Christmas to everyone!   Laura xo

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