Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Don’t Judge Me

I think people read too much into things.  People are so quick to judge that it makes me feel they are only expressing their own suppressed emotions about the situation.  You may think I’m talking about Cystic Fibrosis and how people judge me everyday – whether it is my coughing, oxygen tank, or  handicap sticker – and if I am this way because I was a smoker.  Or, how I’m so brave and strong and it must be difficult – I don’t really feel like I am braver or stronger than MANY other people I know and I don’t really think on a daily basis how difficult my life is.  I actually enjoy my life very much and simply put, look forward to getting back to it 100%!  This is a little bump in the road.

Anyway…..back to judging….I journaled my thoughts about this today because for some reason it was really weighing on my mind. I  have a very simple example of the judging I am speaking of.  A question was posted by an acquaintance on Facebook about why people care about the Kardashians.  First, why are YOU asking if YOU don’t care about the Kardashians?  Just wonderin’.  Second, there were so many people that decided to chime in on the subject who NEVER watched the show.  I was the only person who stated that I watched the show as a little escape from life because sometimes I don’t want to do anything for 30 minutes and want to live vicariously for a half hour – plus they make me laugh.  I felt my answer was honest, fair and pure.

One of the many other people who decided to comment (total of 13 nay-sayers) to analyze why someone would watch the show when they’ve never seen it stated that a person (I am inserting myself here) must watch it to “…feel superior. And if you can feel superior to rich people, it takes some of the sting out of the inequity of our system. But don't trust me on this: I've never seen the show, just the clips satirized on "The Soup." That way I get to feel superior not just to the Kardashians, but to the people who watch them.”  Interesting this statement is coming from someone who watches The Soup.

Now, as I said before, my answer was pure.  I watch it because it makes me laugh and takes me out of my crazy day for 30 minutes. Period.  I don’t watch it to feel superior or because I’m “not the star of my own life”.  You can’t assume that someone who watches the Kardashins isn’t someone who also enjoys NOVA, reading books and is a college graduate.  If these people truly didn’t care about the Kardashians, they wouldn’t have taken the time to comment how disgusting it is, right?  Didn’t psychology teach us you have to care in order to hate something? 

I say to each his own.  I don’t understand why my cousin watches Jersey Shore, but I would certainly never assume she’s stupid or wants to feel superior by watching the show.   I would be open and ask what she likes about it, and if I don’t want to watch it, I simply don’t have to, but I don’t have to judge others for doing so ( just the occasional family teasing). 

To all of those haters out there (and all you tweeters) DONTJUDGEME# =).


  1. "I watch it because it makes me laugh and takes me out of my crazy day for 30 minutes. Period."

    I might have to check it out! I find FB a trip. Makes me question how I spend my time and with whom in "real life." Through a winding path I'm usually better off after having frustrating FB experiences (I have my share). And defriending people :)

  2. You should friend me on FB, then!! =)