Monday, June 27, 2011

Why am I starting a blog?

Why am I starting a blog?  Am I jealous of all the established bloggers out there and wish to throw my voice in the mix?  Not really.  Do I live an exciting life that I think everyone wants to read about?  Definitely not.  Do I have a specific topic which I’m gung-ho about?  Nope.  

I suppose it is purely for my own mental health and sanity.  I have never really liked to write; I never had a journal or wrote myself letters when something was weighing on my shoulders.  Since my health has forced me to stop working, I find my mind has nothing better to do than focus on things so intensely that never used to consume my mind before.  For example,  I was in agony over finding a new laptop to purchase.  I had a week full of nightmares, restless sleep and constant worry during the day about finding a good deal.  While this can be an expensive/important purchase, it’s certainly nothing to have nightmares about.  After I finally made my computer purchase, I spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing over the right anti-virus software and then, after that, configuration of furniture in my office.

I seriously need something way more constructive to do than the aforementioned items!  I see now that writing allows a person to release that energy that is encompassing their mind.  Once it’s down on paper, it can be free from your mind and bring peace.  Joe also made the observation that I am reading a lot of books now, which I never really thought I liked to do, and that writing is probably a natural progression from reading.  Smart husband, huh?

So, to reiterate, this blog is really about nothing in particular; just an arena for reflection, contemplation, stories, topics, etc.  Thanks, Erin, for the suggested blog title!

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